Dr. Frati Bad Reviews – “The Truth”

01 May 2023

Dr Frati bad reviews have been circling on the web recently, after years of hard work and creating a world renowned reputation as a celebrity favourite, and a go to for many influencers, is there any truth to these online reviews of Dr. Frati, or is it a cult of haters, the sort of ones you naturally get, when achieving the heights of your career? The Harley Street Journal dives deeper…

The background…

In 2022, Dr Frati was subject of a court case involving a woman named Karen Bowen-Carter claimed that Dr. Frati had done a poor job of her nose job and had left her with breathing difficulties. Unfortunately for ms…. and whether she was telling the truth or not and the rhinoplasty was in fact not done to the standards in which she was expecting, Dr. Frati, as a GMC registered surgeon, by law has in place certain disclaimers and make many pre warnings, about how nose jobs can not always end up how you like them to be, aesthetically or physically. They are subject to opinion. If the GMC and Dr. Frati didn’t have these rules in place and make it obligatory that patients sign to accept these potential happenings beforehand, then there would simply be no private consultant industry, as it is common knowledge that bodily changes may not go as planned.

As it happens, Dr. Frati has a fantastic reputation for Rhinoplasty and the chances of him performing not at the highest standard, are exceptionally slim.

There was a court ruling that in 2022 and the case between Dr. Frati and Ms. Bowen-Carter that Dr Frati was at no fault in conducting the nose job and ms .. lost the case.

Dr Frati bad reviews online

Since this case ha been brought to light, and even though Dr. Frati won the case, unfortunately there comes a price to pay. There have been many examples online where Dr. Frati has been subject to abuse online, by women who claim they are unhappy with his services. Dr Frati was quoted on saying how if these women come forward, as part of his decency and aftercare procedures he would be willing to help fix whatever was wrong with their results.

This however, was a non starter as such trolls have since chosen to remain anonymous, for reasons it seems hard to explain.

Are Dr Frati’s bad reviews Justified?

With the nature of his recent successes in his industry:

  • Achieving such nicknames as ”Surgeon to the Stars” and “The Boob God”
  • Having the ability to give to charity and help those less fortunate
  • Building an amazing business offering services to women who have depression, or have suffered domestic abuse, or have even been in accidents.
  • Employing many staff and supplying them with jo security and the ability to provide for their family.

It is unfortunate that the downside to success comes natural hate. whether it’s hate for the successful, hate for men (yes it does happen) or even hate because an Italian national has come over seas and contributed to the British economy. Whatever the reasoning is, it seems unfair than someone with an amazing reputation, and great reviews by many, can be let down by a few unhappy customers.

Furthermore in the cosmetic surgery industry, and the rise of media at your fingertips, and camera phones etc. a lot of insecurity has been bred as a byproduct. So whilst there may be more demand for Dr. Frati’s line of work, there is naturally a cost to this success.

Taking into account Dr. Frati reviews from other websites such as www.surgeonreviews.com and also his reputation amongst very well know celebs such as Gemma Collins and James Argent it seems extremely difficult for the Dr. Frati bad reviews to be justified.

Dr Frati reviews on industry rated websites

There is no telling, who’s right and whose wrong within this subjective matter, however perhaps one way of knowing whether Dr. Frati is as good as his reputation proceeds, or if it is all a bunch of made up nonsense, would be to look at Dr. Frati reviews on industry specific sites such as … and …. and see his past patients, those who are willing to share their names online, say about his work. Below are just a few quotes from online surgeon review sites, regarding Dr. Frati’s work.

“Dr Frati is one of the most talented cosmetic surgeons out there”

Patient From Ratemeds.com

“Changed my life in so many ways”

Rhinoplasty patient on realself.com

“Dr Frati is an exceptional Surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone”

Ms Jones from Surgeonreviews.co.uk

All these reviews are from independent site, not Dr. Frati’s personal accounts.

Dr. Frati reviews, the conclusions…

Dr Frati is committed to providing high-quality care and outcomes for his patients and is constantly striving to improve his techniques and procedures. He has a team of highly trained professionals who assist him in every aspect of patient care, from the initial consultation to the post-operative follow-up.

It is essential to conduct thorough research before choosing a surgeon for any procedure, and to not let fake reviews sway your decision. In the case of Dr Frati’s bad reviews, it is clear that the reviews are not reflective of his actual abilities or outcomes.

In conclusion, Dr Frati is an exceptional surgeon who has been unfairly targeted by a group of trolls attempting to bring him down with bad reviews. The truth is that Dr Frati is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon who has many satisfied patients and an excellent track record of success. It is essential however to always conduct thorough research and evaluate the credibility of reviews before making any decisions about your medical care.

John Fisher, The Harley Street Journal, 2023.


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